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Falsipedies & Fibsiennes

Forthcoming in September, 2014, via Guernica Editions. Now available for preorder.

Ranging from the Persian Gulf to the American South, from ancient Greece to pre-Islamic Arabia, Ali Eteraz’s stories observe an eccentric cast of characters longing for freedom. Illicit lovers playing with Koranic numerology; an enslaved man turned into a beast; a young woman rejecting her father’s faith; theologically inclined brothers caught in a dragnet; a resentful poet’s cynical humanitarianism. Sensual and surrealist, the stories in Falsipedies and Fibsiennes unsettle and surprise, but with tenderness.

The title of the collection is inspired by the “Gymnopedies and Gnossiennes” of the early 20th century Dadaist composer Erik Satie. These were made-up words Satie used to refer to a new type of music.

Table of Contents

  • The Woman in the Scorpion Abaya
  • A Lawyer in Islamistan
  • A Beautiful Woman
  • Honey
  • The Invasion of Mecca
  • The Monster
  • The Art of Becoming Snow
  • The Art of Becoming a Jinn
  • Volkodlak
  • The Conversion of Hajj Abdul Rahim al-Biloxi
  • The Hunter of Virgins
  • Tyranny

Preorder English language versions:

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Advance Praise


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Ali Eteraz is an American writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He grew up in the Caribbean, South Asia, and the American South.

He is the author of the forthcoming short story collection Falsipedies and Fibsiennes (Guernica Ed. 2014). Other stories have appeared in storySouth, Chicago Quarterly Review, Akashic Books, Crossborder, and Forge Journal, among others. His first story, Tyranny, was a finalist for a Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers.

Eteraz is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir Children of Dust (HarperCollins, 2009). It was selected as a New Statesman Book of the Year and was featured on PBS with Tavis Smiley, NPR with Terry Gross, C-SPAN2, and numerous international outlets.

Eteraz is an accomplished essayist and has been spotlighted by Time Magazine and Pageturner, the literary blog of the New Yorker. In 2014, Eteraz won the 3 Quarks Daily Arts & Literature Prize judged by novelist and NYTimes book columnist Mohsin Hamid.

Eteraz graduated magna cum laude from Emory University; was a Fellow at the US Dept. of Justice; and worked as a lawyer in Manhattan. He is an inhabitant of the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.

For much more on Ali Eteraz please visit his full literary website and portfolio.

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July 25 @ 10:45 am
San Jose, CA

Hayward Public Library
Peer Writing Group
July 26 @ 2 pm
Hayward, CA

Chicago Quarterly Review
Park Life Art Gallery
August 18 @ 8 pm
San Francisco, CA

Why There Are Words
Literary Reading Series
September 11 @ 7 PM
Studio 333
333 Caledonia Street
Sausalito, CA

Inside StoryTime
La Movida Wine Bar & Community Kitchen
September 16 @ 7:30
San Francisco, CA

Books, Inc.
October 2 @ TBD
Mountain View, CA

LitCrawl, SF
Grotto Reading
October 18 @ TBD
San Francisco, CA

Howard Zinn Book Fair
November 15 @ TBD
San Francisco, CA

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